use case

Source Enquiries For Financial Institutions

Illustration of a cityscape in Africa.

Source enquiries for financial institutions

Our client was considering an investment into a company in Somaliland. They were looking to determine the company - and owner’s - reputation, sources of wealth, government involvement, any links to PEPs  and exposure to country risk (Al-Shabaab/ISIS). Online sources had provided little to no information, so on-the-ground intelligence was required.

Through the Ground Truth platform, the client accessed a local Network Partner who conducted seven high-quality source enquiries in Somaliland over a two week period. Sources included in-country business people, security experts, and other local individuals well-placed to provide insight on the investee company and the wider environment in Somaliland.

With direct access to the Network Partner on the ground, the client was able to obtain the intelligence in real time, ask unlimited questions and ultimately obtain detailed information where they previously had none.

In this case, the local intelligence had enabled the client to move ahead with the investment that would otherwise have been stalled due to lack of available due diligence data.

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