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Ground Truth gives you an alternative to the legacy approach to Corporate Intelligence and Investigations

For any intelligence or investigations requirement, we match you directly to the best-fit independent practitioner, on the ground, anywhere in the world. We call them our Network Partners.

This could be for a sensitive, strategic project where you need world-class insight and expertise, or a simple document retrieval from a public registry.

Network Partners could be anywhere — seasoned independent investigators in London or New York, or someone with the right local knowledge and contacts in Bogotá, Brussels, Manila or Mumbai.

Our online platform makes it very quick for you to engage the best local resource and get going.

But don’t worry, the Ground Truth team is always there to help if you need us.

Think of us as facilitators, helping you get the best from your Network Partner.

All the information goes through the platform, ensuring maximum data privacy and security. You can get detailed, formal reporting or raw, real-time intelligence.

We have over a thousand Network Partners — so no matter what your requirement is, and where in the world you need it from, we have the best-fit resource for you. The network is curated, invitation-only and all Network Partners are subject to thorough diligence, compliance and training procedures.

This new, transparent approach to gathering information gives you maximum control over the process. You know exactly who is getting the information and how they are doing it. No more mystery.


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Rapid and easy access to the right resource — anywhere in the world, at any time.

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No more layers of analysts and middlemen getting between you and the ground truth. You have control throughout.

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If there’s no need for mystery, why have it? Ground Truth takes away unnecessary opacity.

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No more excess middleman mark-ups. You pay only for intelligence and access – with clear and transparent pricing.

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Our online platform makes it easy to manage sensitive data and ensure its privacy and security at every step.

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Commitment to compliance with legal and ethical standards — in your home jurisdiction and beyond.


We help clients with the full range of Investigations and Intelligence requirements, including:

  • Due diligence
  • Investigations
  • Asset tracing
  • Litigation support
  • Document retrieval
  • Site visits
  • Open source research
  • Market intelligence
  • Political risk analysis
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Source-of-wealth enquiries
  • Competitor insight


Ground Truth is simple to use, and the process is familiar to anyone who commissions investigations or intelligence enquiries:


Simply contact us with your requirement.


We review and assess it and propose a best-fit resource match.


Once you are happy with the project plan and Network Partner, you are underway.


You have unlimited access to the Network Partner throughout the assignment, via chat and voice call, and can review progress throughout.

Once you’re happy with the work, all the material is yours. It’s that simple.


Stewart Kelly

Stewart Kelly

Founder & CEO

Patrick Carter

Patrick Carter

Co-founder & CTO

Matthew Hunt

Matthew Hunt

Co-founder & COO

Silvia Blake

Silvia Blake

Head of Sales & Marketing

Robert Court

Robert Court

Board Advisor, Governance

Colin Wood

Colin Wood



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