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Due Diligence & Investigations for Financial Institutions

Managing The Regulatory Burden

Financial institutions are under increasing pressure to comply with global anti-money laundering and anti-bribery legislation, with ever-increasing demands on due diligence and investigations teams. But accessing information globally to meet these requirements is not always straightforward, especially in opaque information environments.

Find out how you can meet these data requirements on budget, at scale, without compromising on quality.
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This platform's flexibility is exactly what we need. With GTI, we get the information we actually want, fast, without having to commission a full report.

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The first tech-enabled and comprehensive platform for due diligence & investigations teams.



Grow your in-house language capabilities without the onboarding headache. Access a curated and vetted global community of world-class experts in 250+ jurisdictions.

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The fastest route to high quality, non-digitised data. Our innovative, new approach reduces the turnaround times and costs associated with due diligence

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From a single data piece to thousands, customise your request to exactly what you need. And with local best practices embedded into the process there are no hidden surprises.

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Access a comprehensive range of due diligence and investigations projects and tasks through the platform, including:

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Reduce Compliance Spend


Improve Turnaround Times


Build Local Language Capability


Improve Operational Efficiency


Improve Data Governance


Simple Tech Integration