Our People

Meet the Team

Founder & CEO

Stewart Kelly

Co-founder & CISO

Patrick Carter

Co-founder & COO

Matthew Hunt

Commercial Director

Silvia Blake

Head of Product

William Higgins

Head of Product Strategy

Sylwia Wolos

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Miller

Head of Engineering

Ben Gould

Head of Client Experience

Audrey Underhill

Sales Director

Martin Hemmings

Account Director

Louise Whitehead

Client Engagement Lead

Aarron Wodhams

Sales Executive

Giovanni Aracu

Product Manager

Ben McLeod

Network Partner Manager

Africa Leigh-Watts

Head of Marketing

Sal Remtulla

People & Culture Manager

Karla Chams

Knowledge Manager

George Porter

Client Experience Assistant Manager

Delphine Legat

Client Experience Specialist

Charlotte Ball

Client Experience Specialist

Katharina Schulenburg

Software Engineer

Sam Taylor

Software Engineer

Dave Upton


George Millo

Board Advisor, Governance

Robert Court


Karin Carpentier


Colin Wood


Peter O’Higgins


Alec Alenstein


Edo de Vries Robbé


Dr Tamara Makarenko