The Platform

The easiest route to global investigative data

The first one-stop platform designed to simplify the sourcing and management of global due diligence, intelligence and data.

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The Platform

Designed for due diligence and investigations teams

We understand the difficulties of accessing on-the-ground intelligence around the globe and the friction it can cause. But it doesn’t have to be complicated, slow or expensive. Finally, there is a tech-enabled solution that delivers all of your due diligence and investigative research, even at scale.


Expand your global research & language capability in 250+ jurisdictions

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Simplify your workflows with frictionless access to data & intelligence

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Scale to your needs, from a single data point to thousands

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Key Features

Grow your global research capability with fully transparent access to on-the-ground intelligence, public record data and due diligence. Anywhere in the world, in any language.

  • Access a curated and vetted community of world-class investigators in over 250 jurisdictions.
  • Consistently comply with data best-practices via a machine-learning enabled scope builder.
  • Advanced matching to on-the ground investigators based on your unique requirements.
  • Comprehensive access to global intelligence and public record data by country, territory, region or even municipality.

Simplify your team's investigative research with best-practice processes aligned to your needs. From a single data point to thousands, manage your due diligence and investigations in one place.

  • Efficient and intuitive workflows suitable for first-time or experienced users.
  • Automate your due diligence tasks and investigations workflows with a machine-learning enabled scope builder.
  • Align with global best-practices and automatically comply with local data-gathering rules in defined workflows.
  • Configurable for complex or unique multi-jurisdictional data and intelligence requests.
  • Oversight functionality for auditing, project management and budget reviews.
  • Simplify analysis and scale processes with standardised reporting for thousands of global data outputs.

Get greater confidence in your due diligence processes with our tech-enabled solution. Access our secure online platform, or integrate our API and stay within your existing ecosystem.

  • Optimum matching with global network partners via our adaptive algorithm.
  • Complete alignment with international data availability supported by our powerful database of public record research.
  • If you choose to stay within your existing ecosystem, access our platform API for customised integrations.
  • Designed for maximum GDPR compliance and data security.

The UX is easy and straightforward. There is minimal friction, and we often receive the information ahead of schedule.

Investigations Analyst, Leading Global Technology Firm

Efficient workflows

From matching through to delivery, the platform streamlines the ordering and gathering of global data inputs. Whether you need a single non-digitised data output or thousands, the process is fully scalable.

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Effective communication

From matching through to delivery, the platform streamlines the ordering and gathering of global data inputs. Whether you need a single non-digitised data output or thousands, the process is fully scalable.

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Consistent data outputs

Empower better decision-making for your most critical business decisions with transparent and consistent reporting.

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Access a comprehensive range of due diligence and investigations projects and tasks through the platform, including:

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Our 3-Step Process

Getting started on the Ground Truth Intelligence platform is quick and effortless. Simply sign on to our platform, create and scope your project and let the platform take care of the rest.



Log in securely and enter your global requirements, guided by our intuitive machine-enabled scope builder.

Process mockup of creating a new project in the platform.


Review your proposed Network Partner, request a scoping discussion, or just activate your project.

Process mockup of activating a network partner on the platform.


Communicate securely with your Network Partner, review findings on an ongoing basis, and access standardised reporting delivered to suit you.

Process mockup of accessing an intelligence report on the platform