Let the data come to you

For customers seeking to stay within their existing ecosystem, access our platform API for customised integrations.

Whether it's a single data point on thousands of entities or subjects, or an escalated due diligence report on a third party , Ground Truth's API streamlines this workflow in your own environment.

Team looking at data with a woman pointing at a screen.

Configurable, even at scale

Discover how our API provides a single point of access to our diligence and investigations platform in a frictionless and efficient way.


As the gateway to access over 1500 intelligence sources in over 200 jurisdictions, our API offers maximum efficiency - allowing you to consolidate your research processes, and save valuable time.

Increased efficiency

Reduce the headaches associated with global research at scale, with a time-saving API.

Hassle-free integration

Enjoy seamless integration with the support of a dedicated developer team, should you need it.

Secure data transfer

Secure by nature, the platform and API offer maximum data security.