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UBO Watch: 3 Key Challenges in Global UBO Investigations

Global UBO investigations are challenging, despite a growing focus on Beneficial Ownership registers. Read the blog to discover the 3 key challenges for businesses in accessing this information, as well as how to overcome them.

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Network Partner Spotlight: Conducting Investigations in West & Central Africa

Due diligence & investigations in Central Africa can be difficult with limited information from corporate registries. Read our Network Partner spotlight to discover how this is changing.

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Network Partner Spotlight: Conducting Investigations in Africa

In our next Partner profile, we spoke with Eva in South Africa about her approach to diligence and investigations in Africa and the growing focus on ESG.

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Network Partner Spotlight: Conducting Investigations in Uruguay

In the first of our Network Partner profiles, we spoke with Luis N in Uruguay about how he supports diligence and investigations in Uruguay. Read the full blog.

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Maximising the value of investigative research in litigation funding

Access to the right investigative research in litigation funding is essential to minimise risk and maximise returns. Discover how to increase research value.

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CEO Interview: Reflections on one year of simplifying diligence and investigations

A year has passed since we launched our investigations & diligence platform. We interviewed our CEO, Stewart Kelly to discover the full story.

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Peru: Investigations at Altitude

When a client asked us to conduct a site visit in Peru, we knew we could help - even at an altitude of 2,926 metres! Read the full blog to discover how.

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Celebrating one year of the GTI diligence and investigations platform: The thrill of the ride

It’s been a busy year since we launched our diligence and investigations platform. In our second founder interview, we chat with our COO, Matt Hunt.

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