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WEBINAR | Building an Efficient, Effective Due Diligence Program

Do you still struggle with manual processes or aren’t quite sure how to take a risk-based approach to due diligence. Join this GTI webinar to discover what a modern due diligence program should be able to do so that it’s effective, efficient, and scalable.

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Country spotlight | Canada

Get the latest global due diligence updates from the GTI team. Check out our country spotlight for a brief snapshot of company information availability in Canada.

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Ground Truth Intelligence launches partnership with Castellum.AI

Ground Truth Intelligence launches partnership with Castellum.AI to streamline due diligence process. 

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Image of Google app on a mobile device

Due Diligence with Google SGE: Opportunity or Obstacle?

What does the launch of Google’s Search Generative Experience mean for investigators? In this blog, Miro Bocchino, a seasoned intelligence analyst, takes a deep dive into its functionality.

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WEBINAR: Navigating corporate investigations in 2024

Join this expert panel on Thursday, February 22 at 12 pm UK time for an insightful webinar delving into the dynamic world of Corporate Investigations. Explore key definitions, cutting-edge processes, and innovative solutions that are shaping the corporate investigative landscape.

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Image of Miro Bocchino, Network Partner at GTI

GTI Interviews | Miro Bocchino, Intelligence Analyst

Read the latest GTInterviews with Miro Bocchino, a Network Partner at GTI. Discover the impacts of AI on the due diligence industry, the continued importance of boots-on-the-ground-investigators and how the industry will evolve over the next five years.

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A 3D illuminated sign projecting the number 2024

What’s on the due diligence agenda in 2024?

Third-Party Risk Management, Supply Chain Compliance, and AI Integration. Read our take on what’s on the due diligence agenda in 2024.

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Compliance Perspectives Podcast | George Porter and Adam Turteltaub

Explore the insights shared by George Porter and Adam Turteltaub as they delve into the implications, breadth, and consequences of the CSDDD on the SCCE podcast. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the critical discussions surrounding this directive and its potential impact on corporate sustainability practices.

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ACI FCPA Houston 2024

Ground Truth Intelligence is proud to be sponsoring the ACI FCPA Houston 2024. Register now and use our exclusive discount code.

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Minaret of a prayer room overlooking the Northern entry point of Suez Canal at Port Said, Egypt.

Country spotlight | Egypt

Egypt's Information Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges. Explore the 'Golden Licence,' corporate transparency issues, legal hurdles, and media restrictions. Read GTI’s latest country spotlight.

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Robert Court, Board Advisor at Ground Truth Intelligence

GTI Interviews | Robert Court, Board Advisor

Read the latest GTInterviews with Robert Court, a Board Advisor at GTI. Discover his tips for setting up a robust risk management program, his insights on the importance of corporate governance, and how attitudes toward ESG initiatives have evolved.

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Magnifying glass on a yellow background

What is Enhanced Due Diligence? 

An overview of Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD), the various ways to gather information, and how it can benefit your business.

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Sunrise in Downtown Dubai

Country spotlight | UAE

The UAE has gained recognition as a burgeoning economic centre. Dive into our latest country spotlight for a comprehensive look at the accessibility of company information in the UAE.

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40th Anniversary of ACI’s International FCPA Conference

Ground Truth Intelligence is proud to be sponsoring the 40th Anniversary of the International Conference on the FCPA. Register now and use our exclusive discount code.

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Lone Giraffe as seen at the Nairobi National Park with backdrop of Nairobi's Skyscrapers.

Country spotlight | Kenya

Kenya's prominence as a central hub for business operations and hosting international conferences remains steadfast. Explore our latest country spotlight for a thorough overview of the accessibility of company information within Kenya.

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Living your Best Compliance Life at CEI Chicago

We are delighted to be welcoming special guest, Mary Shirley to booth 709 at the CEI where she’ll be signing her new book, “Living Your Best Compliance Life”.

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Image of George Porter from GTI

GTI Interviews | George Porter, Knowledge Manager

Explore the latest GTInterviews with George Porter, our Knowledge Manager. Discover his tips for staying up to date with industry news, his predictions for the future of corporate transparency and how AI will impact due diligence.

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Image of Ben Weber from BW Intelligence

GTI Interviews | Ben Weber, Business Intelligence Specialist

Ben Weber, Business Intelligence Specialist, features in the latest GTInterviews. He explains how ESG initiatives impact climate corruption and reveals his advice for businesses trying to meet their ESG requirements.

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Join us at the 22nd Compliance & Ethics Institute in Chicago

We look forward to seeing you at this premier educational and networking event where you'll gain practical industry insights, connect with decision makers and discover new products and services.

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Headphones on a yellow background

9 Must-hear Podcasts for Compliance Professionals

Explore the world of due diligence, investigations, and financial crimes through our handpicked podcast recommendations.

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Turkish flag blowing in the breeze in front of a mosque as the sunsets

Country spotlight | Turkey

Access a succinct overview of company information availability in Turkey in our latest country spotlight. Stay informed with all the latest global due diligence updates with GTI.

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Photo of silver chain links against the bark of a tree trunk

The Evolution of Due Diligence Under the CSDDD

What will an effective due diligence programme entail under the CSDDD? In our second post we examine the growing role of due diligence and how to use it to mitigate negative impacts in the supply chain.

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Stacks of yellow and red shipping containers

Understanding the European Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD)

Find out more about the proposed European Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) and its impact on businesses. We explore the likely implications of the directive and potential consequences for non-compliance.

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Irmela van der Bijl Mysen and Roar Østby of Vier Advokatfirma AS

GTI Interviews | Irmela van der Bijl Mysen and Roar Østby

Read the latest GTInterviews with Irmela van der Bijl Mysen and Roar Østby, Business Ethics Law Specialists. Discover their top tips for establishing a successful anti-corruption and compliance program in your business.

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Street scene in Buenos Aires focussing on a pedestrian crossing

Country spotlight | Argentina

What does the information landscape look like in Argentina for due diligence investigators? Dive into our latest country spotlight for a concise exploration of the accessibility of company data in Argentina.

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C5’s International Anti-Corruption Conference, London

C5’s International Anti-Corruption Conference, London

Ground Truth Intelligence is proud to be an exhibitor at C5’s 17th International Anti-Corruption Conference. Use our exclusive discount code to register now.

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Image of Charlotte Ball of Ground Truth Intelligence

GTI Interviews | Charlotte Ball, Client Experience Specialist

Read the latest GTInterviews with Charlotte Ball, our Client Experience Specialist. Charlotte tells us how she joined GTI and what she’s most enjoyed during her time at the company.

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Image of Patrick Carter of Ground Truth Intelligence

GTI Interviews | Patrick Carter, CISO

In our latest GTInterviews, we spoke with Patrick Carter, our Co Founder and Chief Information Security Officer. Pat discusses his role, the evolution of the GTI platform, and the challenges facing cybersecurity professionals.

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Image of a backlit string of paper dolls and their shadows on a wooden surface.

Nurturing our Network: 5 Steps to Building a Strong Community

Community means a lot to us here at GTI and nurturing our network plays a critical part. Discover 5 steps we take to ensure our partner community thrives.

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Image of cable car crossing over La Paz cityscape

Country spotlight | Bolivia

Bolivia has re-emerged as an increasingly attractive destination for investment. But how easy is it to access the corporate information you need for your due diligence there?‍ Check out our latest country spotlight for an overview.

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Street view of Yangon, Myanmar

Country spotlight | Myanmar

Want to know the ins and outs of data availability in Myanmar? Check out our latest country spotlight for a brief snapshot of company information availability.

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Collage of women outlined in purple for International Women's Day 2023

GTInterviews | International Women’s Day 2023

In honour of International Women’s Day 2023, we spoke to our female colleagues at GTI to learn more about who inspires them, useful advice they have been given and much more. Read the full blog.

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Image of stacked colourful books

GTI Top Reads: World Book Day 2023

March 2nd marks World Book Day here in the UK. Here’s what the GTI team are currently reading as well as recommendations for what you might like to read next including our industry top pick. Read the blog.

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Join us at the 11th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute

We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam to share insights on the unique challenges of European compliance management.

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Image of Africa Leigh-Watts of Ground Truth Intelligence

GTInterviews | Africa Leigh-Watts, Network Partner Manager

Check out the latest GTInterviews with Africa Leigh-Watts, our Network Partner Manager. She tells us how she joined GTI, how it has taken her to some interesting places in the world and gives some tips for graduates thinking about joining the industry.

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Image of an unfolding fern frond against a blurred green background

5 Due Diligence Trends for 2023

We take a look back at the recent landscape for due diligence practitioners and consider five potential due diligence trends you need to keep in mind this year.

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Image of a city map with a number of locations highlighted using colourful pins.

Using Site Visits to Overcome Due Diligence Challenges

Physical site visits are a necessary part of due diligence processes. We examine 3 scenarios when they are invaluable and how you can get the most value from a site visit. Read the blog.

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Western style image of three men dressed as cowboys in a showdown with rifles. Their faces are replaced with company registry logos.

Global corporate registries | The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Retrieving company records is a key part of modern due diligence but standards vary greatly by jurisdiction. GTI’s George Porter looks at the good, the bad, and the ugly. Read more.

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Abstract graphic of a hand holding a magnet attracting icons of people, places and a globe.

Lifting the Burden: Who can find the right information?

Finding the right subcontractors for information collection is the paramount challenge on many due diligence projects. But maintaining a network can waste precious time and resources for busy due diligence teams. Read the final blog in our ‘Lifting the Burden’ series as we examine the most common barriers to growing and maintaining a network.

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Dazzling image of curtains of lights as seen from below

Essential Networks: a helping hand for anti-financial crime professionals

Success in combating financial crime is achieved when public and private entities collaborate. Read our blog and discover how to harness the network effect.

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Image of William Higgins of Ground Truth Intelligence

GTInterviews: William Higgins

In our latest GTInterviews we chatted with William Higgins, our Product Manager. He tells us about his accidental journey into the industry and how he's helping to shape the GTI platform to meet due diligence challenges head on. Read more.

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Image of the Ground Truth Intelligence document library feature

GTI Platform Feature | Document library

We’ve made another step toward simplifying due diligence & investigations! Our Document Library feature centralises project-related documents. Learn more.

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Abstract graphic of a hand emerging from a pile of documents holding a check list.

Lifting the Burden | The challenge of managing local subcontractors

Working with local subcontractors to gather due diligence information can involve a lot of admin and hassle! From onboarding them to getting them paid, read more in our latest blog.

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Abstract graphic of a globe being examined by a hand holding a yellow magnifying glass.

Lifting the Burden | Finding global due diligence information

Gathering information for global projects can be hard. Read the second blog in our Lifting the Burden series to learn about the most common challenges and solutions for due diligence analysts.

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Abstract graphic of three shapes balanced on top of each other

Lifting the Burden | A blog for due diligence analysts

Due diligence analysts face daily processes that are costly and inefficient. Our latest blog series, ‘Lifting the Burden’ examines the challenges and offers alternative solutions.

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Image of Henry Williams

GTInterviews: Henry Williams

Henry Williams, Head of Investigations at Themis discusses his journey into the world of due diligence and trends ahead for the industry. Read more

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Image of a groundhog standing on woodchip with a vegetation background

Are AML measures in the UK keeping up with today's challenges?

The Invasion of Ukraine has brought a renewed focus on anti-money laundering in the UK, but does it feel like Groundhog Day? GTI's Knowledge Manager, George Porter takes a look at the latest measures. Read the blog.

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[Webinar REPLAY] The Network Effect: The power of networks in due diligence and investigations

In an increasingly complex & interdependent world, you can’t fight financial crime in isolation. Discover how to harness the power of the network effect in this webinar with the ICA. Watch the replay.

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Multicoloured image of mosaic containing two people talking and lots of abstract images

The Value of Human Source Enquiries in Financial Crime Investigations

Human source enquiries in financial crime investigations can be of significant value, especially where there are gaps in information. Sylwia Wolos explains more.

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Image of Tamara Makarenko

GTInterviews: Tamara Makarenko

Tamara Makarenko, GTI Advisor, discusses her background in HUMINT, due diligence and more. Read the interview to hear how she sees the industry changing and why.

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Two men brainstorming on a desk covered with papers, laptops and pencils.

Simplifying Director Screening for AIM NOMADS

AIM Rules outline the expectations on NOMADS to conduct director due diligence. Read our blog to learn three key challenges and how to overcome them.

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Colourful image with rainbow lights reflected

Video: Transparency in Investigations

Hear from our Head of Product Strategy, Sylwia Wolos, on the growing need for transparency in due diligence and investigations.

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A low angle shot of a person standing near Burj Khalifa hotel during sunset in Dubai, UAE

Investigations in the Middle East & Africa: Key Challenges and 5 Strategies to Overcome Them

Investigations and evidence gathering in the Middle East & Africa can be challenging with limited public records. Discover 5 strategies to support successful investigations in the region.

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FFECON 22: A New Reality for AFC

We are excited to sponsor FFECON 22, a showcase event for the FinTech and financial crime community to help tackle their most pressing challenges. Register now and take advantage of our discount code.

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Colourful globe on a table focusing on the Middle East and Africa region

Webinar: Evidence Gathering in the Middle East & Africa

Join our COO Matthew Hunt and a panel of expert speakers on this Association of Corporate Investigators webinar as they explore what information investigators can obtain, what additional resources are available and how they can access them in the region.

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Proud Sponsors of ICA Live: Europe

This two-day conference brings together the largest gathering of regulatory and financial crime compliance professionals in the UK and Europe. Find out more

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Screenshot of GTI's new Scope Builder feature

Our All New Scope Builder Is Here!

Design the exact scope you need, with our all new Scope Builder. Hear from Will, our Head of Product, on why it's his favourite feature so far.

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Screenshot of GTI's latest platform enhancements on a black and white screen with yellow highlights

April 2022 - Platform Update

With an industry-first approach to pricing in over 200 jurisdictions, your due diligence and investigations processes have never been simpler. Learn more

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Ukrainian flag placed flat on a surface overlaid with the word sanctions made out of wooden letter blocks.

Compliance Amid A Sanctions Storm

Compliance teams have faced an unprecedented set of challenges amid a storm of sanctions on Russia. As the range and scope of sanctions increases a minefield of risks lies ahead. Read our latest blog to find out more.

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Lots of people crossing a striped walkway.

Growing Our Global Community - Network Partner FAQs

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Ground Truth Intelligence platform’s global community of Network Partners. Read the full blog.

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Middle eastern archway at sunset

Network Partner Spotlight: Conducting Investigations in the Middle East

Intelligence & investigations in the Middle East are risky due to government control. Network Partner, Rama sheds light on the intelligence landscape in MENA

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Low angle photo of glass skyscrapers from the bottom

Asset Recovery Toolkit: Achieving An Information Advantage in a Transnational Dispute

Engaging in transnational asset recovery requires significant investment of time and effort and can easily become extremely costly without producing results. What does it take to have a successful investigation and how can you ensure you are best placed to achieve an information advantage?

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Aerial shot of Chicago

UBO Watch: 3 Key Challenges in Global UBO Investigations

Global UBO investigations are challenging, despite a growing focus on Beneficial Ownership registers. Read the blog to discover the 3 key challenges for businesses in accessing this information, as well as how to overcome them.

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Photograph of a globe, zooming into the Central African region.

Network Partner Spotlight: Conducting Investigations in West & Central Africa

Due diligence & investigations in Central Africa can be difficult with limited information from corporate registries. Read our Network Partner spotlight to discover how this is changing.

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Photograph of brightly coloured and neatly folded African wax print fabrics.

Network Partner Spotlight: Conducting Investigations in Africa

In our next Partner profile, we spoke with Eva in South Africa about her approach to diligence and investigations in Africa and the growing focus on ESG.

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Large Montevideo sign on the sidewalk.

Network Partner Spotlight: Conducting Investigations in Uruguay

In the first of our Network Partner profiles, we spoke with Luis N in Uruguay about how he supports diligence and investigations in Uruguay. Read the full blog.

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Three arrows in circles on a grey concrete wall. One point left, one points right and one points upwards.

Maximising the value of investigative research in litigation funding

Access to the right investigative research in litigation funding is essential to minimise risk and maximise returns. Discover how to increase research value.

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Slate wall with a large scale metal number 365

CEO Interview: Reflections on one year of simplifying diligence and investigations

A year has passed since we launched our investigations & diligence platform. We interviewed our CEO, Stewart Kelly to discover the full story.

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Peruvian brightly coloured village street scene

Peru: Investigations at Altitude

When a client asked us to conduct a site visit in Peru, we knew we could help - even at an altitude of 2,926 metres! Read the full blog to discover how.

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Turbo rollercoaster image featuring riders travelling midloop.

Celebrating one year of the GTI diligence and investigations platform: The thrill of the ride

It’s been a busy year since we launched our diligence and investigations platform. In our second founder interview, we chat with our COO, Matt Hunt.

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