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Use Cases

Brightly coloured shipping containers stacked in three rows

Third Party Due Diligence

Due diligence on third parties is essential. Read the use case to discover how we helped a client identify risks associated with global distribution agents.

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Tree overlooking an African plain.

Source Enquiries For Financial Institutions

Accessing source enquiries in opaque environments is challenging. Read the use case to discover how we helped a client access source enquiries in Somaliland.

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Network of multicoloured strings threaded across a white background. One spool of orange string is visible under the strings.

Global Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) Investigations

Conducting global UBO investigations in challenging environments can cause major headaches. Read the use case to discover how GTI improves the process.

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Dubai cityscape at night

UAE Sources of Wealth Investigations

Sources of wealth investigations in opaque information environments are challenging. Read our use case & see how we helped a client with a UAE SOW investigation.

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