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Streamlining Workflows For Professional Services

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Streamlining workflows for Professional Services

Our professional services client was looking to improve their access to global on-the-ground partners to meet their varied client data requirements. They had uneven global coverage and were struggling with the administrative challenge of trying to find, and engage, on-the-ground information providers. Their internal process was slow and it was a strain on their limited resources.

With a network of over 1500 intelligence sources in over 200 jurisdictions we were able to help our client manage and source global data more efficiently. Network partners are curated and vetted as part of a comprehensive 3-stage onboarding process so our clients don’t have to. We also provide ethics and integrity training to our partners and conduct ongoing monitoring.  

Our client was able to streamline their internal processes for accessing global data and intelligence by working directly with our Network Partners without the internal onboarding hassle. Requesting via the Ground Truth Platform reduced their administrative burden and significantly reduced the headache of accessing on-the-ground data.