9 Must-hear Podcasts for Compliance Professionals

Explore the world of due diligence, investigations, and financial crimes through our handpicked podcast recommendations.


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At GTI we love finding new ways to learn about the due diligence and investigations industry. However, with over 5 million podcasts globally it’s not always easy to find your next listen. Most people in the compliance world know about The Dark Money Files, but have you listened to these nine other podcasts? Whether you're interested in financial crime scandals or the ever-evolving world of compliance, we've got a recommendation you'll want to tune into.


Financial Crime Matters

Kieran Beer's fast-paced interviews with leading anti-financial crime experts and professionals, are a fantastic resource for staying in the know. Beer concisely addresses trending industry topics and highlights the latest financial scandal news. In the latest episode, Parsing the Challenges of Fighting Financial Crime, three old friends- with a collective of 150 years of experience- reflect on the rise of the AML community, the establishment of AFC as a profession, and their association with ACAMS since its inception.

2 Gurus Talk Compliance

Keep up with the latest in compliance with Thomas Fox and Kristy Grant Hart as they tackle a range of topics, highlight the latest news stories, and share their insights on innovative approaches to improve your compliance programs, business processes, and profitability.



Hosted by Mike Disabato of MSCI ESG Research, ESG Now breaks down pressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues of the week. Delve into topics such as carbon credits, e-cigarettes, and Ozempic, as the podcast offers insightful solutions to these global ESG challenges across various industries.


The Suspicious Transaction Report

RUSI's Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies presents The Suspicious Transaction Report, featuring expert guests and practitioners from around the globe. Each episode begins with a summary of the latest financial crime news and then delves into a comprehensive exploration of cutting-edge research or policy developments.


Risky Women Radio

Join the Risky Women global community as inspiring members share their perspectives on compliance, risk, and governance. From seasoned risk managers to emerging talents, this podcast sheds light on women's unique challenges in the industry. Topics cover conflicts of interest, financial crime risk, ESG, behavioural science, and more.

Bribe, Swindle, or Steal

Alexandra Wrage, the president of TRACE, dives into the world of financial crime in Bribe, Swindle, or Steal. Each week, Alexandra and her guests discuss the perpetrators of white-collar crimes, their nefarious methods, and how their wrongdoings are uncovered and stopped.

The Queen of the Con

In each season of The Queen of the Con, Johnathan Walton follows the story of a female con artist, takes a deep dive into her psychology, and explores the lives of the victims affected. The first season revolves around a supposed Irish heiress who, in reality, is a scammer responsible for swindling 26 victims, including the podcast host, out of approximately $380,000. The latest season delves into the sophisticated scams of controversial Bravo star, Jen Shah who amassed millions of dollars by defrauding victims across America.

Who the Hell is Hamish

In this Australian crime podcast, host Greg Bearup details the exploits of serial conman Hamish McLaren. Using his various aliases, McLaren stole approximately $70 million from victims spanning the US, Canada, the UK, Hong Kong, and Australia between 2011 and 2017. Through the first-hand accounts of the victims involved, unravel the web of lies spun by this master manipulator.

Lazarus Heist

In this engaging true crime podcast with Geoff White and Jean Lee, discover the story of a daring bank theft that begins with hacking Hollywood and ends in an attempt to steal a billion dollars. Follow the fallout that ensued when Sony Pictures advertised the release of the controversial Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy, The Interview. If you've already devoured this hit podcast then, you'll be happy to know that you can listen to season 2  now. When millions of dollars are simultaneously stolen from ATMs in 28 countries, it's clear that the hackers are back.

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