Country spotlight | Argentina

What does the information landscape look like in Argentina for due diligence investigators? Dive into our latest country spotlight for a concise exploration of the accessibility of company data in Argentina.

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By Mike James, CX Manager

Argentina has a long history of political and economic instability but has also experienced periods of growth and prosperity. In recent years, Argentina has been grappling with high inflation, currency devaluation, and a widening fiscal deficit, leading to economic instability and a series of government interventions.

Company data

The Official Gazette is a reliable source for company registry information in Argentina, publishing a variety of announcements including the formation of new companies and changes in the ownership structure of existing companies. With coverage of legislation, official notices, and company information, the Gazette is an indispensable source and is divided in four sections, each with its own unique focus. Three sections are of particular interest for due diligence.

The second section provides details on the incorporation and ownership of the company. It also provides legally binding publications related to the constitution, modification or reorganisation, dissolution and liquidation of companies, as well as publications of auctions and bankruptcy for companies and individuals.

The third section provides investigators with information on how many government bids and contracts a company is associated with and refers to calls for bids by agencies dependent on the national state. Finally, the fourth section is intended for the publication of registration notices for internet domains from the National Registry of Internet Domains in Argentina.

In addition, the National Registry of Companies (Registro Nacional de Sociedades) is a centralised database for information on Argentine stock and non-stock companies, foreign companies, civil associations and foundations managed by the The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

Litigation information

The judiciary in Argentina is considered independent and separate from the Executive and Legislative power. Access to court records is widely available. As a general rule, court proceedings are public. However access to some cases may be restricted just to parties, their attorneys and the appointed experts in cases of confidential nature, such as those related to Family Law, Criminal Law and where confidentiality is ordered by the court.

Documents filed in public proceedings can be accessed online through the Judiciary of the Nation (Poder Judicial de la Nacion) for all federal jurisdictions throughout the country as well as the Supreme, Labour, Criminal and Commercial courts. For the Supreme Court specifically, records are available from 1863 to the present


Argentina has a diverse and vibrant media landscape, with both state-owned and privately-owned outlets reporting on a variety of subjects. The country has a long-standing tradition of protecting press freedom, and journalists have the ability to report on a range of topics without fear of censorship or retaliation. 

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