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Supporting a Global Multinational

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Supporting a global multinational in over 65 countries

Our client is a global multinational with a regional compliance structure and a well established third-party risk management programme. They wanted to improve their global due diligence data for high risk escalations, to make better informed assessments and decisions on their third parties as their current providers were unable to deliver this.

Via the GTI platform, the regional compliance teams have bolstered their due diligence in over 65 countries across Africa, the Gulf and Latin America. With 3 pre-agreed due diligence levels, covering both open-source research and human source enquiries, due diligence reports have been consistently delivered by our global community of vetted Network Partners.

Thanks to the GTI platform they are able to make better business decisions with higher standards of information governance obtained from their escalated due diligence efforts. With ongoing communication available with the Network Partner, reports have been more substantive, with high levels of granularity, and conducted transparently and in line with local regulations.