use case

Supporting a Complex Multi-jurisdictional Due Diligence

Abstract illustration of the GTI network

Our multinational corporate client was looking to conduct enhanced due diligence on a European-based distributor, and its owners, in line with their risk-based approach to third-party risk management. The company also had 19 subsidiaries across sub-Saharan Africa that needed to be assessed for anti-bribery and corruption risks.

From our community of 1500+ sources, we matched the client with the most suitable Network Partner - a specialist in Sub-Saharan investigations with extensive local knowledge and presence across the wider region. Our client was also able to choose and be matched directly to multiple Network Partners in each country, but also chose a single partner to manage this extensive regional project.

The client needed a structured and agile approach to identify and flag risk quickly in this challenging region. With a dynamic, staggered methodology they wanted to avoid surprises regarding new risks, as well as related increases in their diligence costs. This was critical as there were more than a dozen subjects spread across the region.

The GTI platform instant messaging function allowed on-the-ground researchers to flag any issues immediately, based on initial findings and local analysis. As this was managed in real-time, our client was able to manage the next steps in the process quickly, escalating them to a higher level of due diligence with maximum agility. Each subsidiary was subject to a red flag report initially, escalating straight away to higher levels of due diligence when issues of concern were found.

Using our Network Partner to manage the due diligence across the region ensured that the methodology was consistent across each of the subsidiaries, with the necessary context provided by on-the-ground research in each country. The client was able to manage this complex investigation dynamically and in one place, all the while remaining within their budget.