How does a corporate investigations platform work? 5 frequently asked questions.

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When you work with corporate investigators, one thing is guaranteed - they will ask a lot of questions. And that is a good thing, in fact it's just how we like it. As former investigators ourselves, we know that transparency is important and that's why it's central to how we work at Ground Truth Intelligence. As the first business intelligence platform to offer direct access to a global network of investigative resources you get full control over the process. You know exactly who is getting the information and how they are doing it. Want to know more? Take a look at our five most frequently asked questions.

What types of consultants and companies are on the network?

We work with a huge range of high-quality independent consultants and boutique consultancies. We call them our Network Partners. They span the world in terms of coverage and help our clients obtain non-digitised data - for example corporate records and legal documents or conducting site visits. Some are country or regional specialists, while others focus exclusively in areas such as asset tracing or multi-lingual open source research. But they all have some things in common: their independence, professionalism, and total commitment to providing high quality information and analysis in a timely, cost-effective, and legal and ethical manner.

What is your geographic coverage?

We are exceptionally proud of our comprehensive global coverage. For large jurisdictions or those with significant investor interest, we ensure there are up to fifty different Network Partners available to ensure any type of investigative or intelligence requirement can be met. For smaller or more remote jurisdictions, a smaller number of Network Partners is available, offering excellent support for all our client needs.

How does Ground Truth ensure the quality of Network Partners?

Having done investigations ourselves, we know how important it is to have reliable and trustworthy partners who can gather non-digitised information around the globe.

All of our Network Partners go through a three stage onboarding process. Prior to approval, risk-based due diligence is conducted on each network partner, including assessing referrals and reputation; identity checks; confirmation of employment and professional histories; open source media, public records and internet searches; reference checks with former employers and/or current and former clients. For Partners operating in jurisdictions or professional service lines that carry a higher level of risk, we conduct additional due diligence before onboarding and risk-based monitoring of live projects on the platform.

Members of the GT team also conduct capability and integrity interviews, while Network Partners expressly agree to the terms of our Code of Conduct and warranties regarding our strict legal terms. We also provide integrity training and skills development, and all our Partners are subject to GT’s monitoring of performance, in line with good industry practice.

How does Ground Truth choose the Network Partner for my project?

We use an adaptive algorithm to match a shortlist of Network Partners with the criteria of your requirement. From there, the Ground Truth team assesses the best match, and the Network Partner is proposed for your approval in the platform. You can talk directly as much as you like before making any commitment to proceed.

Do I have direct access to the Network Partner?

Yes. Once you have agreed to commence work on the project, you have direct access to the Network Partner and can use the secure chat function and receive documents and reports through the platform

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