Network Partner Spotlight: Conducting Investigations in the Middle East

Intelligence & investigations in the Middle East are risky due to government control. Network Partner, Rama sheds light on the intelligence landscape in MENA

Middle eastern archway at sunset

The Middle East is a very important, but complex region when it comes to collecting information. Due diligence and wider investigations in the Middle East can be risky owing to lack of transparency and strict government control.

In our latest spotlight interview, we chat with our Network Partner, Rama on what the information landscape is like in the Middle East region.

What is your professional background?

I have been in this industry for 8 years now, covering all of the Middle East and North Africa region. I offer a variety of services ranging from corporate registration document retrievals and source enquiries through to civil and criminal litigation checks. I have great capabilities and strength in every country in the region, allowing me to provide reliable information with a fast delivery time.

What made you want to get into this field?

I have followed my passion. I inherited the love for this field from one of my close relatives who was one of the biggest due diligence services providers in the MENA region. I have worked with her for several years before opening my own company.

What is the most rewarding part of working in this field?

Dealing with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and traditions for me is the most rewarding as you are able to learn a lot.

What, according to you, are the top challenges of carrying out investigations in your country/region?

It can be difficult to carry out investigations in some of the countries in the Middle East, but when you follow the right path and procedures and have a strong network with great capabilities, everything turns out to be easy.

Do you see any trends affecting information gathering processes in your region in the coming 3-5 years?

No, to be honest.

In the shorter term what do you see in the year ahead?

Hopefully more and more success for all of us in order to help each other by providing more reliable and accurate information to run our businesses in the right way.

What are the benefits to you and your business of using the Ground Truth platform?

It’s a great platform to connect clients with the service providers in a professional and easy way.

Everyone at Ground Truth loves to talk about and eat great food - we talk about it a lot! What is your favourite dish?

Pasta is my favourite but in general I love all kinds of foods and I never say NO to any dish.

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